VFUG holds regular meetings in the Vancouver, BC Canada metropolitan area. Each meeting may include one or more of:
  • Presentation(s) on topics of technical or business interest
  • Open question-and-answer session
  • Networking and socializing amongst attendees
Currently, meetings are held several times per year, nominally in February, May and October. This may be changed on a meeting-to-meeting basis to avoid conflicts or accommodate special speakers; please check this page regularly for updates.

A VFUG annual membership may be purchased for $20.00. Annual memberships expire in October.


VFUG is looking for people interested in presenting FoxPro-related material. We are a small and friendly group; this is a golden opportunity to gain valuable speaking experience, or a chance to test and polish a technical or sales presentation before going "live" to a larger audience.

You don't need to be a FoxPro "guru", working with the latest version. All you need is something YOU think is "cool" - others will probably think so, too! Example topics:

  • Data modelling tools and prototyping
  • Rapid Application Development with frameworks and reusable components
  • Advanced or innovative techniques to solve challenging FoxPro programming problems
  • Interface of FoxPro with other "back-end" databases e.g. MS SQL Server, Oracle
  • Use of FoxPro with the Internet/Web
  • Use of 3rd party components with FoxPro e.g. Adobe Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for graphics, Microsoft Agent to speech-enable FoxPro applications
  • Demonstration of custom or shrink-wrapped applications written using FoxPro, and how they solve the customer's needs. Lots of people are doing neat things with FoxPro.
  • Discussion of business issues related to software development - challenges in running a software company, intellectual property issues and the law and other "war stories". This is often very interesting to the business people in the group and those contemplating going into the software business.
  • Book Review. Bought a FoxPro or general development book you really loved? Tell us all about it!
  • Uses of cool new features in the latest production or beta version of VFP.

Although meetings may last up to 2 hours or so, don't feel your presentation has to fill the entire time! A presentation running 15 to 30 minutes will normally lead to Q&A specific to your topic, then Q&A in general which usually means an interesting and engaging meeting.

VFUG can offer you a meeting room, projector and a captive audience! Please contact any VFUG director for more information.

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