VFUG Meeting: Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Topic: Real-Life Web Connection 5 Application - Geoff Bannoff

Geoff will present portions of a production application using the new West Wind Web Connect 5 "Web control framework" controls:

  • How to use most of the new controls which bind directly to data, and remember their state. Text boxes, check boxes, labels and literals, drop down lists, and radio buttons, date pickers etc.
  • Web panels allow areas of a page (usually containing other controls) to appear or vanish depending on the programmer's whim. How to use this to show or hide controls based on a user's security level.
  • The datagrid control is an easy way to present large amounts of data with sortable columns, customizable page sizes, column headers and column formats. With a tiny bit of JQuery (included in WWC), the entire line of a datagrid can be used as a record selector.
  • The tab control runs on the client side and allows large quantities of information to be displayed in a more digestible way, with instant client-side switching between tabs.
  • Hover panels are an easy AJAX callback mechanism to get a closer look at an item in a list. Drag panels are a good way to pop up an input box over top of a page.

In addition, Geoff will spend a couple of minutes demonstrating how he uses Google Maps to show nearby customers to a particular point. This uses Google Maps API V3, which is relatively straightforward, although with a learning curve. Geocoding any location is a simple call to Google Maps with a parameter, using one of WWC's older built-in functions. The Google map in incorporated into a WWC web page.

About the presenter: Geoff Bannoff, like most VFP programmers, has been using Foxpro since the mid-1980's. He's been using WWC for about six years. Geoff is the in-house programmer for Frontier Power Products, an industrial manufacturing company based in Delta, with offices in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg.

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REGISTRATION REQUIRED: Please send an e-mail to Hugo Ranea at SkyTrain ( HUGO_RANEA@BCRTC.BC.CA ) with the name(s) of the people attending. The guard at the security gate must have your name(s) or you won't be admitted.

Time: 07:00pm ("doors open" 06:30pm)
At the guard house at the site entrance, mention that you are meeting George Slade for the FoxPro/VFUG meeting.

Location: SkyTrain OMC
SkyTrain Operations & Maintenance Center
6800 14th Avenue
Burnaby, BC V3N 4S7

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