VFUG Meeting: Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Topic: Latest Developments at SkyTrain - Sam Robbins

Sam Robbins will be giving us a look at some of the latest techniques SkyTrain is employing to improve the look and feel of their VFP systems:

  • Under the Radar - how to use VFP to provide pop-up utilities in the Windows systray (or have them completely hidden but active)
  • Fading Away - VFP provides an example of how to adjust the transparency of a form to show it fading into the background. Making a form fade into view is a little more challenging - we will show you how to do it
  • Seek and You Shall Find - how to integrate search functionality into a Grid class
Sam Robbins is Manager, MIS of B.C. Rapid Transit Co. Ltd., operator of the Vancouver metropolitan area SkyTrain rapid transit system. SkyTrain uses VFP extensively in its operations, and is one of the largest VFP users in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

Time: 06:30pm ("doors open" 06:15pm)
Please arrive a little early and wait at the Security Gatehouse for someone to let you in. Latecomers may not be admitted.

Location: SkyTrain OMC
SkyTrain Operations & Maintenance Center
6800 14th Avenue
Burnaby, BC V3N 4S7

SkyTrain Directions

Interactive Map on MapQuest

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